Jelwek Sp. z o. o. is a company started in 2013 as a start-up, which gradually grew to business with two main branches. Located on shop is a place that offers exceptional 3D printers and accessories to them. In time the offer expands and new printers are presented on it.

Professional service of Rapid Prototyping 

        Our second main field is rapid prototyping service. With the help of our machinery park and great experience we can provide complex service including professional CAD design, project modification, 3D printing, postprocessing, assembly and others.
        We guarantee good prices and excellent contact that always ends up with succesfull order. On our website under page "Realizacje" we present some of our prints, which are only small part of what we are capable of.

Trust us with Your order - sending us Your files for mail is free and after no more than 24h we will contact You about Your order and available options with prices.