Privacy Policy


Jelwek Sp. z o. o. has the right to make changes in Privacy Policy. Every client must obey the current Privacy Policy available here:

Any changes won't have affect on the principal rule: Jelwek Sp. z o. o. is not selling nor sharing personal data of it's internet shop clients to third party.

If You don't agree with our Privacy Poilicy, please do not visit our shop and do not make any purchases.

Personal data

While using sites owned by Jelwek Sp. z o. o. You might be asked to give some personal information about Yourself by filling the forms. Data, that You will be asked for, is mostly name and e-mail. When purchasing a product we will as You for full personal data needed for shipping or invoice.

We only ask for the data necessary for the proper site working. Refusing to give personal data will affect in limiting the working of the site.


Some of our sites may use cookies, which are small text files send to Your somputer used for the identification of Yourself in the way needed for simplifying operations. Cookies are not harmful neither for You nor Your computer and it's data.

For cookies to work You must accept them using Your browser and not remove them from Your PC. You can also turn them of with Your browser, but that action can have an affect on proper working of the site.

We use cookies for statistics, user authentication, personalising the layout of the site and other marketing purposes.

Cookies may contain personal data, but in most cases it is only an e-mail. This data is available only for the users and Jelwek Sp. z o. o.