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   The BCN3D Sigma is a 3D printing machined based on the FFF (fused filament additive fabrication) technology. Its IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system allows the manufacture of highly detailed objects combining existing market features such as multimaterial or multicolor printing.

   The BCN3D Sigma is a 3D printer that will allow you to expand the possibilities of manufacturing to any design you can imagine, with high detail and accuracy. Bring your creations to a whole new dimension. The 210x297x210mm printing volume makes your creations bigger than ever.

   With its large printing surface (DIN A4) reaching up to 115ºC, a 50 µm minimum layer height and its aluminium chassis, the BCN3D Sigma is able to print every object you might set on your mind with very high detail.

   BCN3D Sigma works with BCN3DNozzle v3, a fully metallic Hot End capable of stand high temperatures (up to 280ºC) during hours thanks to its hardness. Its standard nozzle of 0,4 mm can work at a minimum layer high of 50 µm.



 The BCN3D Sigma printer meets the technical and safety CE mark requirements and it includes a full one year warranty.

Delivery time - up to 16 working days.